Lunática is a study that offers design, strategy, innovation, business communication and consulting services.

Lunática was born as a studio in 2009. Today we are a team that loves design and works side by side with our clients to make them feel different.

We are different from the close treatment with our customers and suppliers, the taste for design, innovation and projects with details. We will be on top of you, we will be your shadow for the duration of our … strictly professional, don’t think badly.


The work process is simple. The agreed projects are planned and specified in a writen briefing and we create a working group with the best specialists for each part of the project.

The client will have only one project manager during the entire life of the project, with which he can organize the tasks to achieve the objectives set.


  • Customer Support
  • Service flexibility
  • Trust and security
  • Creativity
  • Taste for elegant, clear and simple design
  • Return on investment, profitability
  • Planning and advice
  • Latest development and design technologies


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