Your brand as a strategy

What is branding? Is it your logo? Your colors? Fonts? Branding is much more than that: it is the integral process of creating and managing a brand based on the strategy and the objectives to be achieved.

But your brand is also the emotions that people experience when they think of you. That’s why it must be unique, tell the story of your business, and create the right connections to build a solid relationship with your customers.

1. Definition of the strategy

We work on branding as a strategic effort where each element must support the concept and general objectives of your business. Therefore, the first step is to listen to you, to know what your business consists of and what your objectives are.

It does not matter if you start from an existing brand or a new one: the idea is to give it focus, positioning, and build a strategy that tells your story.
For this, we carry out a consultancy with you, and from there, we create a SWOT analysis, a study of the market and the competition, etc., to have a better overview and start working on the next phase.

2. Naming

A good name is essential to convey the vision and ideal position of your brand that places it above the rest within your sector and competition. But it must also have a level of creativity and uniqueness to stand out and give your company the proper identity.

At Lunática we combine these strategic and creative aspects to ensure that your name is capable of transcending, being remembered, and connecting with your brand objectives.

3. Corporate identity

The corporate identity tries to graphically express the values and philosophy of the company, products or services, with the aim of being effective and lasting over time.

It tries to give visual support to the strategy and the name with a timeless perspective, contemplating future situations and its adaptability and flexibility to different circumstances or brand expansions.

To achieve this, we carry out a prior questionnaire to obtain as much information as possible before starting to design, and achieve the perfect corporate identity that defines your business in a unique way.

Our corporate identity projects include the following design tasks:



Design or redesign of your brand (symbol, logo, versions and final artwork for different destinations.)



If your brand has enough entity, we will prepare a manual for the use of the brand. Basically, it is a document prepared with the basic rules of the correct use of the graphic elements that make up your corporate image.

This manual is the document that defines and presents the examples of how the logo should look, as well as all the graphic elements that accompany it (fonts, colors, layout, correct and incorrect uses …) in the different types of support, whether printed. (such as business cards) or digital (such as images for social networks).



Although this service would be included within the identity manual, there are companies that directly opt for the design and application of the brand on different physical media, such as cards, envelopes, folders, labels, signage and / or signage of the place, merchandising, stamps, uniforms. , packaging …


Nowadays, every company that boasts, takes care of its corporate image, its brand, its stationery, its commercial communications, its philosophy and the brand values reflected with the design. The size of your company, society, start-up or life initiative does not matter: we accompany you with our design, becoming part of your strategy.

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