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Having the correct business strategy is the key to success to get your customers and improve the relationship you have with existing ones to retain them.

For us, strategy is linked to creating the perfect identity, name, image, and history of your business to achieve business objectives.

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These are the business strategy services with which we can help your business:



The strategy must be aligned with the business strategy and with clear objectives. The fundamental idea of a brand strategy is to create links, emotions, relationships with the client, telling a story or establishing the correct communication to reach your audience.

Powerful brands take action every day to strengthen and build their brand. They inspire, challenge and connect with your customers.



To reach their full potential, companies must focus their efforts on improving performance and sustaining it over time. That is why we focus on the areas of Marketing, Branding, Design and Customers, offering the support you need to maintain the positive results of your business.

At Lunática each project is a unique challenge, and we strive to give you the best advice and consultancy in design, creativity and strategy to achieve the expectations you have set for yourself.



In the online world, content is the king of business strategy. It is the magnet that will attract your potential customers and turn them into ambassadors of your brand, making you visible and generating trust. In addition, content generation is one of the key pieces for search engine positioning (SEO).

Combining digital strategy and creativity, we work on the writing of quality content to connect the user with your business, and we support this service with the production of videos, images, banners, or infographics, making them more attractive and friendly to your audience.



Having a well designed and developed website is not enough if the audience you want to reach cannot find you.

That is the reason why in recent years, search engine optimization (or SEO) has become a fundamental strategy for any company. Every hour, about 228 million searches are made on Google.

SEO is the best way for your potential customers to find you through searches where your website is relevant. This audience looks for what you offer them. Therefore, the best way to reach them is through a search engine.

To carry out an SEO positioning project, the outstanding steps we take are:


A consultancy of the website situation is carried out, analyzing various factors:

a) Domain
b) General analysis
c) Site speed
d) Security
e) Mobile
f) Other factors


An analysis of competitors, keywords and comparisons is carried out

a) Keywords
b) References and benchmarks
c) Comparative


Once all the reports are available, a series of actions are recommended to be carried out to improve the weak points as well as to aim intelligent objectives. These actions range from activity on social networks, copy writing, content, links, etc.


Project deadlines of between 6 and 12 months are established for the control and measurement of strategy results.



SEM is an online marketing strategy that complements SEO with the aim of improving web traffic and increasing the possibility of attracting customers and business contacts.
This strategy is based on search engine payment services so that your website appears in the first sponsored search results, making the payment when a user clicks on the ad or link.

Its main advantage is that, by placing yourself in the top positions of Google, you will achieve visibility for your brand, generate conversions and sales, and go far on a tight budget, since you do not need a large initial investment to achieve results.



Social networks have enormous potential and, like paid positioning, they also have the option to publish ads on their platforms. We work with tools such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Shopping, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn to promote your products and services, and make them visible to those specific users you want to reach economically and effectively.



Web usability and user experience have become the heart that moves web design and development. These must be oriented and thought by and for the user.

Usability aims to make a website, application, or system easy to use, while the user experience seeks to cause user satisfaction through the perceptions and emotions experienced when entering that website, application, or system.

At Lunática, we combine these two disciplines to get your clients to live memorable digital experiences that turn into lasting relationships with your Brand.



In Spain, the conversion rate (the percentage of visits to your website that buy) for e-commerce is between 1% and 3%. To maximize this ratio, you can follow some improvement strategies such as the user experience, the attention calls, getting visitors who are really interested in your products …

At Lunática, we work with the tools described above such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Payment Positioning (SEM), Content Marketing, Email marketing, among many other actions, to connect users interested in your products with your brand, and build authentic long-term relationships with your customers.


“If you want different results, do not do the same things”
Albert Einstein



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