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We are graphic design specialists, but also good in building relationships. At Lunática we want to help you create, grow, and connect with your customers.
Your brand must transmit emotions, that is why its design must be unique, and tell the right stories to help buyers understand why your company is exactly what they are looking for.

“Our strength is having a broad business perspective that helps us understand your business. No matter the size of your company, society or start-up, we accompany you with our design, becoming part of the strategy.”

Design services

These are the design services with which we help growing and enhance your brand:



Our designers are specialized in composition and layout of media such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs or brochures, both physical and digital, in order to captivate and retain the attention of your readers.



An attractive website is one of the first positive impacts that you can generate on your potential customers. At Lunática we plan, design, and maintain your website, always remembering that the most important thing is to connect with your customers to generate quality brand experiences.
When we talk about a website, we refer to sites intended to be displayed on any device with a screen.
The main difference with graphic design is that in web design other areas come into play, such as interface design, graphic material, and most importantly: the user experience on the site.
That is why we design functional websites with interfaces that remain engraved in the mind and reach the heart.



Illustration is an art oriented towards the artistic and aesthetic. A well-created illustration will capture the attention of your audience in a memorable way.
Whether in prints, characters, drawings, sketches or illustrations for any creative project, the illustrator will bring his personality to make your work unique.



The advertising design is based on the corporate identity and objectives of the company. But we also believe in honest advertising, which puts the person at the center of the message.
To achieve this, we focus on building content strategies and transmitting a message where your audience is the star, and feels that their needs are heard.



The packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and is sold. Packaging is the art of presenting a physical product, it aims to attract the attention of customers and be the main window of communication towards the consumer.



Going to a fair is an effective way to publicize your business and expand. At Lunática we know how important it is to prepare well for an event of this kind.
That is why we help you in the creation of printed materials such as backgrounds, roll ups, brochure holders, and everything you need to attract your potential clients, making sure that your brand identity, its colors and design remain intact without losing Its essence.



We design icons and signs for marking and recognition of places, indications, and locations either on physical or digital media.


“Design is so simple… that’s why it is so complicated.”
Paul Rand



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