New processes, devices, software, programming languages appear every day. This means that technology has become the center of many modern companies. Our job is to make it more human.

For us, innovation occurs when through creativity, design, imagination and research we create digital products that improve people’s lives, help them navigate the world, communicate with others, solve their problems more fast and in original ways.


These are the innovation services with which we can help you:



Human beings make most decisions based on our instincts and emotions. Therefore, when developing web and mobile design, we focus on your audience not only enjoying the experience, but also the feeling of returning to your website again and again.
But our work does not end there: we make sure to apply the latest trends in web development and adaptation to mobile devices. We take care of updating the frameworks, content managers, and modules with continuous maintenance to avoid security problems or obsolescence.



A few years ago, having an app meant making a large investment with no guarantees of achieving a good return. But now, there are multiple forms of application development with a cost adapted to each budget.

94% of Spaniards have a smartphone, and for this reason, apps have become an essential tool for any business that wants to achieve success. Its main advantages range from increasing the visibility of your brand or loyalty to your current customers, to having an exclusive promotional channel.
We work with the best application specialists to offer you a solution adapted to your expectations, and help you build relationships with your clients that grow with each interaction.



Tablet Art is a service provided by Lunatica to publish documents and content on mobile devices such as iPad or Android Tablets. We create, design and launch cutting-edge interactive experiences that are fully adapted to the world of mobile. Magazines, catalogues, corporate annual reports and other publications come to life with interaction, video, audio, as well as the option of using a wide variety other multimedia.
Touch, listen and play with the information. A new experience for any mobile device



The video brings you closer to your customers, and they see what your business can do for them.
It is the best way to convey the message of your brand, and share content in an impressive, visual and fun way that remains engraved in the mind of your audience.
That is why we offer video production, editing and effects services applicable to your company, whether small or medium, with an affordable cost and creative results that are transformed into new customers and sales.
Videos for social and corporate networks, for events, congresses, cooking recipes … the possibilities of video are endless.



Web usability and user experience have become the heart that moves web design and development. These must be oriented and thought by and for the user.
Usability aims to make a website, application, or system easy to use, while the user experience seeks user satisfaction through the perceptions and emotions experienced when entering that website, application or system.
At Lunática, we combine these two disciplines to get your clients to live memorable digital experiences that turn into lasting relationships with your brand.


“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things”
Theodore Levitt



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