A company defines its objectives, adapting to a changing environment, in order to gain a competitive advantage over time.

For us, the strategy is linked to any design, marketing, communication action to achieve a specific objective marked by the company’s management.

Business strategy

These are the services we provide within the company’s strategy:


The brand strategy must be aligned with the business strategy. You cannot have a brand strategy without a clear objective. The fundamental idea of ​​a brand strategy is to put the brand to work to create links, emotions, link with the client, tell a story or establish a correct communication language to connect in a concrete way with those marked business goals.

Powerful brands take steps every day to strengthen and build their brand. They inspire, challenge and connect with their customers.


To reach their full potential, companies must focus their efforts on improving performance and maintaining it over time. We will support you in obtaining improvements in the performance of your business focusing on the areas of Marketing, Branding, Design and Customers.

At Lunática we strive for advice and consulting on any type of design project, creativity or business strategy that is undertaken.


The contents are the channels of potential customers, readers, people interested in your business. In addition, content generation is one of the most important factors for search engine optimization (SEO). It is from the generation of quality content that we become visible and build trust.

We recommend that the writing and content generation be carried out by specialists who know well the subject of which one speaks and writes. Lunatic, you can support this writing with video production, supporting images, banners, infographics, etc. that will make these contents more attractive and friendly.


In the case of hiring web design and development, the possibility of positioning the page in the different internet search engines opens up.

In recent years, search engine optimization (in English, Search Engine Optimization or SEO) has become a fundamental strategy for any online marketing campaign. The reason is evident, since it allows to improve the positioning of a website in the results offered by Internet search engines.

For marketing actions to be really effective, they must be linked to realistic goals. Thanks to them, the people involved in the campaign will have basic guidelines: they will know in which direction they have to work or if it is necessary to redouble their efforts in certain aspects.

To carry out a positioning project we could highlight the following phases:


A consultancy of the situation of the website is carried out analyzing various factors:

1.1. Domain
1.2. General analysis
1.3. Site speed
1.4. Security
1.5. Mobiles
1.6. Other factors


An analysis of competitors, keywords and comparatives is performed

2.1. Keywords
2.2. Reference Webs
2.3. Comparative


Once all the reports are available, a series of actions to be taken to improve the company’s weak points as well as to set intelligent objectives of the strategy are recommended. These actions range from social media activity, news writing, content, links, etc.


Project deadlines of between 6 and 12 months are established for the control and measurement of strategy results.


There are times when the search engine optimization strategy can be supported by the launch of periodic campaigns on Google to increase web traffic and increase the possibility of attracting business and business contacts.

This strategy is based on payment services in search engines so that the Site appears in the first sponsored results. Payment is made when a user clicks on the ad or link. The management and execution of sponsored link campaigns (SEM) is a continuous process involving multiple elements.

The correct configuration and optimization of these elements and the continuous analysis of the campaign will allow to fulfill the planned objectives.


Along with the payment positioning we also find the option of the ads that each social network has available to its users. Facebook Ads, Instagram Shopping, Twitter Advertising, Linkedin, etc. They are tools to promote services or make certain contents visible in a segmented, economical and effective way.


Web usability and user experience are increasingly common themes in web design and development. The design must be oriented and designed by and for the user.

The usability aims to make a website, application or system easy to use, while the user experience consists in provoking its satisfaction, linked to the perceptions that users, visitors, navigators experience when they enter that site. web or system.


Recall some basic concepts related to electronic commerce:

Traffic: how many people visit your website.
Conversion rate: what percentage of those visits “buy” (in eCommerce, conversion is usually associated with “sale”, but there may be other objectives).
Average ticket: the average amount of orders.

In Spain, the conversion rate is between 1% and 3%. To maximize this ratio, you can follow some improvement strategies such as user experience, attention calls, get traffic really interested in your products, etc. To achieve this, we can use the tools described above as “paid” search engine positioning, social media advertising, community management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and a large number of actions plus.

“If you want different results, do not do the same”

Albert Einstein

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